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Is there such thing called Gay love? Empty Is there such thing called Gay love?

on 2015-08-06, 11:46 pm
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These days, we get to hear this term 'gay love' often in the society through mass media. In most cases, it brings an image of something different than the love exist between 'heterosexual' partners. So the question becomes, is 'gay love' special or in other words is it different than 'heterosexual love'?

The classification of 'love' between gay, straight or otherwise is based on the gender of lovers. So love between man and women is called straight and love between two men is called gay. I think this classification is flawed because it does not consider the root cause of love which is human feelings. 

One man love another man because that is how he feels. Unlike some straight relationships, there is no social pressure to get into gay relationship (at least not in sri lanka). So when man loves a another man, it is purely coming from his heart whatever the circumstances. 

If feelings create love and subsequent bond between 02 human beings, why do we get so obsessed with the gender of parties involve? The terms 'gay or straight love' have no real grounds to justify its use.

So next time when you fall in love same gender, remember its just love and love alone whatever the society choose to call it.

Good luck.

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