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Don't Hate Us, Know Us! ........ Gay by birth, fabulous by choice .............We're here. We're queer. Get used to it .............. Love is a Terrible thing to hate .......................හදේ සිර කොට තැබූ සිතුවිලි නිදහසේ පෙළගස්වන්නට සොඳුරු අවකාශයක්.............දින 2089 ක් පුරා ඔබ සමඟ සිටීමට හැකිවීම අපට සතුටක් ........... DON'T BE AFRAID TO SHOW OFF YOUR TRUE COLORS



This is simply being Clothes free (Heluwen) with others. I have asked this question from many homo and hetero guys and the responses have not been favorable. For heteros its about being gay and for homos they dont't understand why you do such a thing when you can have sex clothless. For me it's much more beyond than simply sex. It is a life style, being body positive and enjoying freedom devoid of any sex and restrictions. I would love to establish the concept in Sri Lanka and is willing to if there's anyone who is interested. I love outdoors, specially camping, hiking, being with nature and being a nudist will enable us to experience them in our truest form. I am looking for anyone interested.

descriptionRe: Nudism

yes, we did such a event once. actually it was a get together.and we rented an apartment & invited our friends, & they their friends. and all were naked inside the venue. dancing drinking. enjoyed the night.
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