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Re: අපේ ලිංගිකත්වය 3: And They lived happily ever after

on 2013-11-28, 9:34 pm
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A few thoughts...

on 2014-02-17, 10:48 am
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Hello everyone,

First of all, I hope it's ok that I write in English. But I think I might have some useful input to give here.

While I'm single or haven't yet been in a relationship, I have a large and diverse group of friends. These include Sinhalese, Tamil, Muslim, Malay, Chinese, Burgher and Portugese descent guys. As a matter of fact, the group of students at our school may have been the most cosmopolitan in Sri Lanka.
But what I've noticed in this diverse group (about 30 guys of the same age) is that some of them were accepting of LGBT people in the beginning and almost all of them had become accepting by the end.
Another interesting point is that certain social groups, such as what people would call "upper middle class" and "educated middle class" are becoming more and more accepting/open towards our way of life.
So, even though that society at large here might not be becoming accepting anytime soon, guys that associate with these groups can feel safe and live their life quite openly.

In view, the increasing number of well-educated people and specially foreign educated people is playing a key role here. While I'm not out to my family or most of my friends yet, I'm glad to know that the few friends to whom I'm out to are very accepting. I now understand that even a gay guy and a straight guy can be best friends.

Here's to change,
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Re: අපේ ලිංගිකත්වය 3: And They lived happily ever after

on 2015-04-15, 10:49 pm
ගොඩාක් වැදගත් ලිපියක්.මේ වගෙ වට්නා අදහස් අපිත් එක්ක බෙදා ගන්නවට ගොඩාක් ස්තුතියි සියපත්......
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Re: අපේ ලිංගිකත්වය 3: And They lived happily ever after

on 2015-08-06, 11:15 pm
Have few thoughts about above article.

I think the ingredients mentioned in the above article suits any relationship, be it gay, straight or otherwise. 

But as complex human beings, it is hard for any of us to follow a certain guideline when it comes to a relationships. Relationships are dynamic and subject to constant changes like the persons involve in the relationship.

I've been in a relationship for last few years and me and my partner does not follow any particular format or guideline to keep us together. If we did, we become second hand people, because we be following a guideline/format invented by someone else, wouldn't we? All we have is undying strong feeling (you can call it Love) towards each other and in most cases that is good enough to take care of problems we face. 

So if you and your partner has strong feelings towards each other, chances are you'd be in for long-run. If not, no format/guideline can save your relationship.  

Good luck,

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Re: අපේ ලිංගිකත්වය 3: And They lived happily ever after

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