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Why it is so? Empty Why it is so?

on 2014-08-19, 9:59 pm
I am Malintha. I have long been a member of this forum and contributed writing two stories and still writing. My early story ' kandu paamula Mali yaaye' is deleted and it is even not there in the completed story list. I am little worried to think why my hard effort became invalid and would be most grateful if admin could allow my story in the completed story list. 

Wish you all the best,
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Why it is so? Empty Re: Why it is so?

on 2014-08-20, 4:26 pm
noidea  noidea  noidea
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Why it is so? Empty Re: Why it is so?

on 2014-08-20, 5:56 pm
අයියෙ completed stories වල ඔයාගෙ කතාව තියෙනවනෙ...
I m so sorry

Why it is so? Empty Re: Why it is so?

on 2014-08-23, 7:39 am
Admin mata samaa venna. Eth mokak hari hethuwak nisa mata completed list ekata yannawath , aeka retrieve karannawath beri una...itin mama hithuwe mage kathwa ne kiyala...eth passe balanakota kathawa tiyenawa...I m happy. So sorry for the fuss.

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Why it is so? Empty Re: Why it is so?

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